S. C. Historical Society: Telling the Stories of All South Carolinians

Jul 23, 2018

(Originally broadcast 03/23/18) - The South Carolina Historical Society’s headquarters in downtown Charleston, SC, the historic "Fireproof Building," is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, with plans to re-open in summer 2018. While continuing to be the headquarters for the SC Historical Society, the building will also house a museum of South Carolina history.

The Society intends to use the new exhibit space to “tell the story of the entire state, reveal the important role South Carolina played in the nation's past, include personal stories of all South Carolinians in all walks of life, and to create an exhibit that inspires visitors to learn more.” Walter Edgar talks with the Society’s Executive Director, Faye Jensen, and board member Lawrence Frtiz, about the project, the history of the Society, and its unique, historical archive.

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