"H" is for Hume, Sophia Wigington (ca. 1702-1774)

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Credit SC Public Radio

"H" is for Hume, Sophia Wigington (ca. 1702-1774). Minister, writer. A native Charlestonian, Hume was reared an Anglican, but embraced the Quakerism of her grandparents in the 1740s. Re-examining her faith and her life of luxury she moved to London; embraced a life of simplicity; and joined the Society of Friends. She returned to Charleston in late 1747, convinced of the need to warn her neighbors and others of their erring ways. Hume spent the rest of her life inspiring others through her religious writings and dedication to the Quaker faith. In 1748 she published An Exhortation to the Inhabitants of South-Carolina in which she defended her theological views and her conversion. Except for a brief return to Charleston in 1767, Sophia Wigington Hume spent the remainder of her life in London, preaching and writing.