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A Flock of Robins

Mar 26, 2015

A large flock of Robins is sighted in Beaufort.

Luna Moth

Mar 25, 2015

A Luna Moth makes an early appearance.

Harbor Seal

Mar 24, 2015

Now again, Harbor Seals can be found as far south at South Carolina's coast.

Cedar Apple Rust

Mar 23, 2015

Cedar Apple Rust is a parasite on cedar trees that infects apple trees.

A listener on John's Island finds a might big shed snake skin.

Updated at 6:56 p.m. ET

A 475-pound leatherback sea turtle that was rescued from a remote beach in South Carolina was returned to the ocean Thursday, after being found stranded ashore and nursed back to health. It took five people to carry the creature, officials say.

The turtle "immediately responded to treatments" of fluids, vitamins and antibiotics after it was rescued Saturday, says spokeswoman Kate Dittloff of the South Carolina Aquarium.

Partridge Berry

Mar 12, 2015

A partridge berry plant has a "Christmas-y" look.

A Snake with a Tumor?

Mar 11, 2015

A listener reports a snake with a strange swelling near its head.

Trying to save an injured Belted Kingfisher...

Mystery bones found on the Timmerman Trail, near Cacye, SC.

Found it dead, by the road...what kind of bird is it?

Our innate curiosity is one of the keys to our humanity.

A home owner gets great photos in his backyard of a Yellow Rat Snake "recycling" an Eastern Gray Squirrel.

A January sighting of a Painted Bunting? That's pretty early in the year.

Rudy shares his tally from the Great Backyard Bird Count.

The rare Atala South Carolina?

I Love Books!

Feb 26, 2015

Rudy shares his love of books about the natural world.

A vertebra found on the beach at the Isle of Palms--what is it?

Evidence is that beavers are back in Northeast Columbia.

Death is a Part of Life

Feb 23, 2015

An owl leaves evidence that death is a part of life.

A NatureScene trip reunion in Greenville.

An encounter with a mystery animal on a road in Lexington.

These small white objects--could they be spider eggs?

Cocoon or Pods?

Feb 17, 2015

Are they cocoons? Or are they pods?

Shells found in Utah are plates from a Chiton.

"The Dewy Morn"

Feb 13, 2015

"The Dewy Morn" - Richard Jefferies

The Great Backyard Bird Count begins tomorrow!

Between the Waters: North Inlet-Winyah Bay

Feb 11, 2015

In this episode of the Between the Waters podcast, we speak with Wendy Allen, Manager of the North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR), a state-federal partnership between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of South Carolina.

A hunter finds some of the largest Red Oak leaves he's ever seen.

Cooper's Hawks seem to be more numerous this year.