Winter Weather Myths 1

Dec 27, 2017

Winter is here and with it comes some outdated information about the cold temperatures, but don’t let winter health myths get the best of you!  For starters, cold air does not make you sick.

In fact, cold viruses grow best at about ninety one degrees, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases.  And unfortunately, the myth that allergies go away in the winter is not true either.  In fact, indoor allergies can be worse in colder temperatures.  Think about it, pets don’t spend as much time outside in the winter and we tend to keep doors and windows sealed, decreasing the air quality inside.  And it may not be the colder weather and lack of sunlight that is causing your mild winter depression- most likely, its family stress, a busy schedule, or worries about holiday spending that are triggering the blues!