Why Refrigerate Eggs?

Dec 7, 2017

If you’ve ever traveled overseas, then you may be aware that many countries do not refrigerate eggs like we do in the US.  Have you ever wondered why?  We didn’t always wash our eggs. It has to do with America’s demand for super clean food, our fear of salmonella, and our willingness to expend the energy required to refrigerate eggs from farm to grocery. 

Soon after the eggs are laid, they are put through a hot water and soap bath- a process which strips the egg of its natural protective coating. This coating helps to keep water and oxygen in and bad bacteria out.  To mitigate this, we coat the eggs with oil after the bath and then they immediately go into refrigeration to keep microorganisms at bay.  Once washed, the egg requires refrigeration.  However, most countries in the world can’t afford the energy rich process of cold storage, nor do they mind buying their eggs out in the open air.