"W" is for Waring, Julius Waties (1880-1968)

Jul 14, 2017

"W" is for Waring, Julius Waties (1880-1968). Jurist. A native Charlestonian, Waring read law with a family friend and from 1914 to 1919 was assistant U.S. Attorney for South Carolina's eastern district. In 1942 he was appointed a federal district judge and within two years had angered the state's white establishment by handing down a series of decisions that began the dismantling of Jim Crow in South Carolina. He and his second wife began to entertain African Americans in their home and both spoke to racially mixed groups and audiences. However, it was his ringing dissent in the case of Briggs v. Elliott, that segregation was "per se inequality" that made Judge Waring a pariah in his home town. In 1952, Julius Waties Waring retired and spent the remainder of his life in exile in New York.