Thrifting Tips

Dec 5, 2017

Creating a stylish home on a budget can be a tall order, but by keeping an open mind, finding great items at the thrift store, flea market, and even yard sales can be fun.  The trick is to think creatively!

Look for colorful accessories that reflect your personality.  And when it comes to furniture, you want to find classic pieces with good lines.  Remember that you can always paint and change the hardware on a dresser, or change the upholstery of an upright chair.  Thrift stores are a great place to find cheap frames that you can spray paint any color you like.  You should consider if you really need an item before purchasing.  The point is to save money on necessities, not to become a hoarder!  Remember that you’re not always going to find the right item or anything at all worth buying, but be patient and keep looking for your next treasure.