Tax-Free Weekend Benefits Both Shoppers and Retailers

Aug 4, 2017

This Thursday through Sunday, August 4th through 6th, is South Carolina’s annual Tax-free Weekend, and shoppers may save between $2 million and $3 million in sales taxes.  Arthur Dunn of one Columbia Target store says it’s a busier time for his store than Black Friday, and he expects an increase in business over last year.  The weekend is big for small stores, too, like Salty’s Board Shop, where owner Paul Goff expects to sell a lot of khaki pants and other school apparel, plus book bags and skateboards.   

Of course, not every item is eligible for tax exemption.  Target’s cash registers will automatically exempt taxes from qualifying items.  At Salty’s, Goff says he makes it easy by charging shoppers no tax on anything, but paying the tax himself on non-exempt items.  Better to keep the customer happy than worry about a few percent, he says.  Either way, shoppers will reap the benefits at all stores statewide this weekend. 

The South Carolina Department of Revenue offers Tax-Free Weekend Shopping lists with examples of items that are exempt from sales tax, as well those that aren't: