Reuse Everyday Objects 2

Dec 1, 2017

We’ve been talking about ways to reuse items you already have, so here are a few more ideas to keep you thinking.  Those plastic containers and milk jugs can all be modified into handy scoops, dust pans, and garden trowels.

An old lotion bottle can be cleaned out and modified to become a safe place to keep money, keys and even your cell phone in your beach bag.  Clean, cut the top off, and cut a socket size hole into that lotion bottle to create a place to store your phone and cord while it’s charging!  A muffin tin can be used to serve condiments at your next Barbeque or flip it over and use it to bake tortillas to create crunchy taco salad shells.  An old lip balm tube can be cleaned out and used to store an emergency cash stash or pill case.  And if you have a pair of jeans with a dicey zipper, you can attach a key ring to the zipper pull and loop the ring around the button to keep your fly securely zipped.