Reuse Aluminum Foil

Sep 26, 2017

Invented in 1825, Aluminum Foil has become a staple in many homes because it’s terribly useful.  And once used, can be recycled or re-used.  Here are a few ideas for ways to re-use your aluminum foil.  Cut it into strips and hang it in your vegetable garden to deter birds and wildlife from eating your plants.  

Or make a collar of used foil to fit loosely around the stems of seedlings to keep worms and other pests away.  You can cut foil with scissors and craft punches to sharpen your edges or wad up used foil and use it to scrub glass baking dishes.  Use foil as to line roller pans during your next do-it yourself painting project to make clean up a breeze.  Or use foil as a temporary window covering to block sunlight during baby’s naptime.  Did you know you can use foil to deter your cat from using furniture as a scratching post?  Wrap the legs of your armchair in aluminum foil until your feline learns not to scratch!