Narrative: Husband and Wife Puppeteers Continue the Family Business

Jul 24, 2017

This edition of Narrative features an interview with John and Karri Scollon of the Columbia Marionette Theater. John’s mother, Allie Scollon, began creating puppet shows in the sixth grade, which grew into a lifetime of traveling the country, putting on shows with her husband and children. Allie is a contemporary of Jim Henson, and the family started one of world’s largest companies producing walking character costumes. Almost 30 years ago she opened the Columbia Marionette Theater and has since retired. Here, Allie’s son John and his wife Karri talk about how he grew up and took on family’s signature trade.

In this bonus clip from the original interview, John Scollon talks about his mother Allie Scollon and her first encounter with Jim Henson.

Check out this video about of the Columbia Marionette Theater by SCETV for Original SC: click here.