Laundry Savers 2

Nov 10, 2017

You now have some good ideas to help save you money in the laundry room, so let’s keep the momentum going!  You’ll save money if you wait until you have a full load, but try not to overload.

If you’re stuffing clothes into the barrel, then there are probably too many clothes for the machine to properly agitate and clean your garments.  Instead of using fabric softener, which can be costly, add one fourth of a cup of white vinegar to reduce static cling and soften your clothes.  When it comes to drying your laundry, this is a good time to save energy and line dry your clothes.  But if you’re going to use the dryer, try not to let it cool between loads to take full advantage of the residual heat.  Dry like items together to reduce drying time and fold or hang items right out of the dryer to minimize another drain on the power, ironing.