Indoor Fire Hazards 1

Sep 14, 2017

Home fires are more common than you think.  Here are some fire hazards that could spell disaster if you’re not careful.  Let’s start with those heated blankets.  They’re great for mitigating the cold winter weather, but you shouldn’t let pets snuggle on top and you shouldn’t pile extra covers on top of a heated blanket – excessive heat buildup could cause a fire.  And remember to turn that blanket off in the morning.  

Dryer lint is another real hazard – letting lint build up on your dryer screen not only decreases the efficiency of your dryer, but when mixed with the heat of the dryer, can be a recipe for disaster.  Clean that lint screen regularly, but also clean the vent and exhaust duct where lint can build up out of sight.  And be careful of that laptop you like to use in bed or on the couch.  Restricting airflow to the laptop’s cooling vents could cause the unit to overheat and lead to a fire.