Homemade Sticky Notes

Sep 28, 2017

Sticky notes are so handy in the office or at school, but they can be pricey!  So make your own with a few recycled items!  You’ll need a glue stick, preferably one that is washable, a stack of recycled printer paper, some scissors, some recycled card stock quality paper, and some all purpose glue.  

Start by cutting the printer paper to the preferred size and shape until you have a good stack.  Then swipe the glue stick along the top edge of the first piece of paper.  Repeat this step on the next sheet until your stack is complete.  Attach the recycled card stock to the back of the last piece of paper with all-purpose glue to create a firm backing.  Get creative by leaving the card stock a little larger than your sticky note stack and decorate with ribbon, fancy scrapbook paper or other left-over’s you may have in your craft bin.