Downsize Your Stuff

Jul 13, 2017

For most of us, it can be difficult to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.  From consuming less energy to buying less stuff, living green is a commitment.  But a good place to start is downsizing what you already have.  Take stock of what you have, and then consider what you really need.  Your closet probably has some clothing you don’t wear or that no longer fits, so take some time to clear out some of the clutter. 

The same goes for your shoes and your children’s clothing that no longer fits.  Buying in bulk can help save some money and will help generate less trash at the dump.  Instead of purchasing a small container of soap over and over, buy in bulk and re-use the small container you already have.  Lending libraries are also a great way of storing less stuff, but having items that you need when you need them.