Dog Friendly Decor

Dec 8, 2017

Credit SC Public Radio

  Dogs are man’s best friend and designing and decorating a comfortable home to include Fido can fun.  Spring for a dog bed that compliments your style and that will hold up over time.  Organize Fido’s leash and poop-bags by the door on a hanging wall hook to clear up clutter and make dog walks more convenient.  

Many people use rubber mats to contain the water and food bowl, but you can use indoor/outdoor rugs which are attractive and clean up easily outside with a hose.  And this is a good tip for dog lovers and cat owners alike- if you’re afraid your young puppy or fully clawed cat will tear up the furniture, opt for pieces with metal legs that resist scratching and chewing!  Or look for pieces (or re-upholster a thrift store find) with indoor/outdoor upholstery which are easy to clean and tough to spoil.  And keep that food fresh by investing in a good air-tight container or festive canister.