DIY Furniture

Dec 19, 2017

Furniture can be an expensive investment, but if you have an eye for up-cycled materials and a little creativity, you could make your own tables rather than buying them brand new.  Some old sawhorse legs and a few wood pallets could make an industrial desk for your office.

Old bicycle tires and the base of an old stool could be combined to make a truly unique side table, and if you can find an old metal milk jug, you could paint it and have a base for a small side table, or any number of up-cycle projects!  Old doors are great for a number of projects, whether you choose to build a coffee table with your old door, or turn it into a bench for a foyer coat rack.  When you’re thrift shopping, look for items that already have the shape you’re looking for: an old bass drum can be painted and set anywhere for a neat perch and crates turned on their sides offer shelving and counter space.