Clemson's "South Carolina New and Beginning Farm Program"

Feb 9, 2017

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow.  The average age of farmers in South Carolina is 59 and a half years, and although farmers don’t usually retire at early, many of them are looking for someone else to come into the business. To help bridge this need, Clemson Extension’s Agribusiness program offers the South Carolina New and Beginning Farm Program.

According to Director Dave Lamie, the program is “focused on enabling this population to be successful, productive and innovative members of the agricultural community by teaching them to be successful entrepreneurs and marketers, business managers, stewards of the environment. Lamie added that these new comers to agriculture develop a sense of pride and appreciation of the quality of life that comes with being a part of the agribusiness community. To learn about training opportunities and the 2017-18 class, reach Dave Lamie at Clemson’s Sandhill Research and Education Center.