Allergic to Christmas?

Dec 25, 2017

This time of year is magical- unless you’re allergic to the holidays!  No, I’m not talking about Scrooge, but think about all the allergy irritants this time of year.  First, those decorations have been sitting in the attic for a year collecting dust, and anyone with indoor allergies knows that dust can be a real headache.

This year, try storing your décor in airtight plastic bins to reduce dust.  For those with asthma or even those sensitive to fragrance, just that fresh pine scent of a Christmas tree can be a trigger for symptoms, so try to avoid scented decorations and opt for artificial greenery.  You’ll want to avoid decorations with snow-like dusting as this can become airborne and irritate already fragile allergy sufferers.  And did you know conifers pollinate in the winter?  So the allergy culprit may be a tree or wreath full of pollen!